April Fools

Soundtrack of the spring
Was Brand New Day -
Van Morrison caught the mood
Of light-filled convalescence -

Office Removal casuals
Driven at dawn down Regent Street
Or soaring over Westway,
Dangling, laughing, waving,
Like partisans on Liberation Day.

Driver Len 
With lurid wartime anecdotes,
McAllister, man-mountain,
Known to the police...
Andy, actor - so he tells us -
Yawning, brushing hair back 

And the bouncy Irish bluesman
Whose uncle once met Yeats -
Lounging languidly, apparently,
And wearing a cravat...

And interrupting anecdotes
The boss, ex-military, Hampstead class,
Brisk, arrogant, immaculate -
Theatrically bursting out  from camouflage
To roar at any riff-raff standing still...